InBody Composition Analysis

InBody Composition Analysis


What to Expect:

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Say “goodbye” to stepping on an ordinary scale and “hello” to InBody Composition Analysis.

InBody’s revolutionary technology obtains vital information regarding the status of your body. It allows us to dive in on a cellular level and understand what is taking place. We utilize this information to create a baseline for your health statistics.

How does it work?

It begins by stepping onto the platform and placing your thumbs on the handles. The process takes roughly 45 seconds for the InBody to complete its analysis. It is quick, accurate and fascinating. Next, a thorough print out will be given to you and explained in detail. Any questions you may have will be addressed at that time.

Depending on what you plan on doing with your InBody results, Thinessence offers premiere health services to those seeking to enrich their lives. Regardless of whether your goals are losing weight, putting it on or simply finding a health balance, the InBody navigates you to moving in the right direction.

Why we use Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis:

In Body

A spectrum of bioelectric currents supply of range of penetration throughout the body. This allows us to measure overall weight, lean body mass, fat mass, visceral fat, total body water, intracellular and extracellular water. This discrete data provides us with a snapshot of exactly what your body needs to achieve a healthy balance.

InBody is the most advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) device. One of the reasons rests with the ability to target the major areas of the body, independently of one another. This is known as Direct Segmental Multi-frequency (DSM BIA), which enables us to correlate the input into different  and lend us a far more accurate perspective on the body as whole. This is possible since currents with higher frequencies can determine the water content inside the cell, which is supported by the fact that they can penetrate the cell membrane. Conversely, currents with lower frequencies have limited abilities in penetrating cell membranes and will follow the path of least resistance by traveling around them. Thus, making them suitable for measuring the water outside the cells.

Looking to make a change? Want to feel better, healthier and younger? Then this is a great place to start. InBody can serve as your catalyst for targeting the health you want by knowing exactly what you need to work on. Our innovative center offers an array of services that can introduce you to a better version of self-indulgence.

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InBody Composition Analysis

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