rEvolution Training™

rEvolution Training™


The rEvolution™ Training Experience

The rEvolution™ Training experience excels beyond the conventional approach to personal training. This method engages your entire body in a global movement workout, which motivates the weakest muscles in your body without compromising the integrity of your joints. Low-impact, high intensity training facilitates an immediate increase in muscle responsiveness to help you achieve your goals in a shorter period of time. When you combine this with the Vibration Therapy Machine, you create an environment that sustains progression and limits insult to your body. If you’re used to seeing the same old personal training gimmick of, “no pain, no gain,” then allow us to introduce you to a rEvolutionary routine that teaches you how to be efficient, train smart and enjoy exercising.

InBody Composition Analysis

Establishing a Baseline

The rEvolution™ Experience begins with an InBody Composition Analysis to establish a preliminary reference for body fat, muscle mass, total body water and vital health statistics (BMI/BMR). This is an absolute if you are interested in personal training because the information elucidated through using the InBody device provides you with an exact starting point. Next, your Personal Workout Consultant (PWC) will perform a functional movement assessment to highlight any imbalances in your musculoskeletal system. The subsequent step is to receive a RockTape application to allow for better global movement, which will significantly enhance your workout. The tape is utilized to stimulate specific neurological pathways during exercise that will influence your body to adapt to the correct movement. If you move correctly and more often, than your body will be under less undue stress.

Helix Lateral Trainer

The Workout

Your workout will begin on our revolutionary Helix Lateral Trainer that encourages lateral, as well as front and back motion, without any impact or insult to your joints. When we walk, our lateral muscles must stabilize us in order to maintain proper form and motion. However, when these muscle groups are weak, it poses a risk because the areas that crave stability become weakened. Most personal training programs avoid training for purpose because you do too much, all in one day. Conversely, we utilize the Helix to target the lateral myofascial groups due to the fact that they simultaneously provide stability and mobility. These are the same areas that help us move from one place to the next, all day long. Lateral Training takes personal training to a whole new level. The reason is when you engage the lateral muscles, your body’s natural reaction is to the tighten the core. This creates a wonderful trifecta of demands the leads the body to prosper: (1) the joints are not stressed due to the low-impact mechanism, (2)the demand for multi-level joint coordination and (3) the core must be engaged to properly participate. The admirable byproduct of training on the Helix is enhanced strength and tone in the legs and glutes.

Vibration Therapy Machine

The Helix will be followed by an invigorating workout on our state of the art Vibration Therapy Machine. This modality has been publicized for its ability to stimulate muscles, increase lymphatic drainage and assist with weight loss goals. The benefits of coupling the Helix Lateral Trainer with the Vibration Therapy Machine are remarkably visible. Upon designing this program, we wanted to amplify the results our clients were experiencing. The latter portion of your workout will consist of a dynamic blend of resistance band training, fortifying stretching and a relaxing recovery period.

Zero EMF Infrared Sauna

The finale to the rEvolution™ Experience details a fat-burning, detoxifying session in our Zero-EMF Infrared Sauna. The importance of combining all of these wonderful aspects together reinforces that each session is personalized to your needs, so you can achieve what you desire. In addition, while you are in the sauna you will receive metabolic benefits that will keep your metabolism moving, while simultaneously stabilizing your blood pressure and strengthening your heart.

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