Participate in a fun, educational, hands-on workshop and begin to develop the skills and habits needed to fund your goals. Our workshops support a comfortable, engaging atmosphere where learning is embraced!

Vision Board

Learn the power of projecting what you want and begin sculpting your future now! Read More...

We are literally composites of energy walking around on a daily basis. Once we learn how to utilize the energy we already possess, it enables us to understand how we can avoid wasting energy on idle space and focus in on exactly what we desire. Most people know what they don’t want, but very few can define what they do. This is what makes the vision board workshop so powerful. It sets a pace within your subconscious mind that will enable you to find the rhythm that supports your goals. Once that rhythm is established, your mind and body will automatically fight for it to happen.


Power of the Mind

The mind has a shocking capacity to create an unlimited amount of connections. This workshop delves into the power of the mind and discusses fascinating information about how we can expand the possibilities of our lives. Read More...

Neuroscience is currently unraveling shocking new information regarding the human brain. The consciousness conundrum has plagued researchers for decades because although we can see our brain, the mind is much more elusive and abstract. This workshop will blend the leading information in today's world with practical tips and tricks that can enhance your daily life. Show up prepared to unlock your brain power and discover the infinite Power of the Mind.